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Happiness discovered here!

At Mobikzone, we endeavour to contribute towards a greener environment for a better future by reducing the e-waste from the planet. Here’s how we cater to serve the best outcome. What do you think about having a phone which is totally refurbished and absolutely brand new ? Strange right, well honestly it is not! Mobikzoneoffers a wide range of tested and certified phones which undergoes a process of refurbishment along with repairing solutions at great prices. We handpick the best phones to convert them into brand new smartphones. Wait! That’s not all. We also repair the phones in case of any damage. Now your go to go platform for all mobile services is under one roof. So what are you waiting for, refurbished is best choice! Like a twist in refurbished phones!

Our Mission

What’s that one thing you can’t live without? Your phone! And that’s exactly what we deal in! Mobikzone offers a range of tested and certified refurbished smartphones, Smart tv, Earbuds & Smartwatch at great prices. We handpick the best phones that undergo 65+ extensive quality checks before they reach you. And oh, in case you break your phone, we have a solution for that too! We offer all aspects of mobile repair services too.

Our Vision

At Mobikzone , we believe in the philosophy that everything has a purpose and nothing should go to waste. Whether it’s a renewed phone or repairing an old phone, we believe in giving a second life to all products. Our vision is to effectively manage and subsequently minimize the wastage.